Twelve Gifts of Christmas - Shopping for Hard to Please People: Mother in Law Gift Ideas

Our Twelve Gifts of Christmas "Shopping for Hard-to-Please-People"  kicks off today with mother in law gift ideas.

Shopping for your mother in law can be a daunting task. Mother in laws are special ladies. They've raised a wonderful man and deserve to know how much they mean to you. If shopping for your mother in law stresses you out, it's probably because you are concerned about finding a gift that's both meaningful, and cherished for years to come.

Personalized gift ideas for mother in laws seem like the obvious choice, don't they? Not only can you find unique items that carry a personalized message, but you can also customize many of these items to make them even more attractive to her style and tastes. Knowing you took the time to create a custom gift for your mother in law will not only warm her heart, but it will warm your husband's heart too.

Personalized mother and son photo gift wall decor

Above: Mother and Son Custom Framed Gift featuring the song they danced to at his wedding

Mother of the Groom Custom Framed Gift

Gifts that evoke emotions are always winners. This one is especially appropriate if you are a newlywed, or even if you are just trying to "connect" with your mother in law. Framed Personalized photo gifts featuring her son should be the go-to subject matter for this type of gift.
Personalized mother and son photo gift wall decor
Above: Mother and Son Personalized Framed Gift

Get your hands on some old photos of them together years ago, and have a custom scripture, song, or poem added to make a beautiful memento just for her. Better yet, and probably easier to find, is their Mother and Son dance photo from the wedding. Top this one off by adding the lyrics of the song they danced to. Without a doubt it will be her favorite gift this year.

Proverbs 31 Personalized Canvas Decor

Another heartfelt gift idea to consider is a personalized scripture themed gift. Bible verses that speak to her personally are great choices, but if you don't know her favorite bible verse,  try something like the The Proverbs 31 personalized canvas. This features her first and last name on a soft aged-parchment design, and fits beautifully in any space.

Below: Personalized Proverbs 31 Canvas Wall Art
Proverbs 31 Christmas Gift ideas for her

Custom Scripture Decor

If she does have a favorite bible verse, there are tons of things you can personalize such as mugs, plates, bags, plaques, and other household items. If you are looking for wall decor, browse our collection of customization bible verse canvas and fine art decor. Each design can be customized to the bible verse of your choice.

 Customize a bible verse scripture wall art decor psalm 23

Above: Psalm 23: Custom Canvas or Framed Bible Verse Decor

Finding the ideal holiday gift for your mother in law may not be a simple task, but personalizing a gift is sure to add the perfect finishing touch.


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